Maui is a popular world destination and is known for its history, beauty, atmosphere, waterfalls, landmarks, gardens, and its never-ending supply of pristine beaches. Although the island is not of the same size as the Big Island it offers what you might not find and experience anywhere else in the world. It is sandwiched between Molokai and the Big Island. Some of the activities or things to do here include lounging along the beaches, snorkeling alongside the different types of sea turtles, golfing along the coastal fairways, and exploring the impressive wildlife.

Maui is one of the best summer vacations and romantic getaways in the United States. If you, therefore, want to have some outdoor adventure or experience the indigenous culture, or you are seeking beach life, Maui has plenty to offer. This is one of the best destinations to come to on your honeymoon.

Travelers flock this place from November to May just to watch humpback whales as they congregate the Hawaiian waters. Once you are here, you can’t miss exploring the historic whaling port of Lahaina and wandering among the coffee shops and art galleries on the waterfront.

Learning about the Hawaii history and culture should be on your priority list as you travel to this destination. Visit the scenic lao valley and learn everything that happened during the era of tribal warfare.

There are great opportunities for those who are interested more in discovering the natural wonders of Maui than its cultural heritage. My good buddy Jared from Jackson Appliance Repair Company is a big Maui fan. He comes here almost every year when he can get away from his successful business. The most important thing is to ensure you make the most of your vacation to Maui and leave it as you found it. You don’t want to be fined heavily or land in jail for having a one-on-one encounter with local wildlife.

The weather in Hawaii is pleasant and the crowd less during the spring and shoulder seasons. Visiting at this time is more favorable in terms of the rates charged in hotels and the crowds present. The peak season is usually experienced in summer and winter. The best time to travel to Maui is, therefore, between April and May as well as September and November. Those who love surfing traveling in winter could be the best option.